Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wuching going to watch girlie movie!

Aiya, no time to write a long post tonight because if you know me well enough it's my TV marathon night, all my favourite shows are on Thursday night. Damn! So busy watching TV tonight...How I Met Your Mother la, My Name Is Earl la, Law & Order la, Amazing Race la and then late late lagi got Stargate! Woohoo!

So quick quick I show you what I received in the mail today, a free invitation for 2 to watch a girlie girlie movie called Georgia Rule. The movie is for 6.30 pm on May 9 so next week I'll be very cham cham forced to go watch girlie girlie movie! Die la, I think I'll sleep in the theater and snore till I get kick out! OK, enough yapping...gotta go coz my shows are starting soon!


Dabido said...

lol Must be a great movie if they can only get people to go by sending out free tickets. :-)

Simple American said...

I see Jane Fonda and I just want to gag! Oh well. Wish you a good nap.

Anonymous said...

Why nobody send me free invitations to watch Spiderman3?

JamyTan said...

Poor Wuching, bless yr heart ! Have a good nap , bring a pair of ear stud :)-

Jonzz said...

Good lar. then you can do a Girly Movie review. Rofl!

me said...

get in touch with the girly side of you mahhhhhh *hands over tissue for crying* i tot girls like the new age sensitive type. hehe

Wuching said...

dabido: these were won in a competition my wife made me entered! we win a lot of movies this way.

SA: thank you! i will dream of u!

neo: spiderman is for kids, how old are u?

kayatan: thank you! i will dream of u too!

jonzz: thats not a bad idea...hmmm..

me: my girly side is very PMS-ing wan! hahahaha